The 5GForum, the main meeting on 5G technology held in Spain, which is still being called for 6th and 7th May and will be entirely virtual, has today confirmed the support and participation of the main “speakers” from the central government and Europe.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation will welcome Maite Arcos, the Director General of Telecommunications and Audiovisual Communication Services, to the event, the first virtual one to be held in Spain on 5G.

Antonio Fernández-Paniagua, the Ministry’s leading expert on this new technology, will speak about the situation of 5G in Spain and about the liberalisation process of the second digital dividend.

Fernández-Paniagua, who is Deputy Director General for Planning and Management of the Radio Spectrum, will once again be one of the star speakers at the 5G Forum, whose two previous editions were held in person at the National Digital Content Hub in Malaga.

Federico Ruiz, Director of the National Observatory of 5G (ON5G), has also confirmed his participation in 5GForum 2020 to share with all virtual participants the impact that 5G is having in Spain, the European country with the largest fiber optic network to homes.

On behalf of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), based in Switzerland, Elena Puigrefagut, Senior Project Manager of the EBU, will participate to talk about the “5G MAG” project recently launched by European public televisions.

In addition, the pan-European 5G-IA project will tell its experiences in the 5GForum through one of its Board Members, Carles Antón-Haro.

In the next few days, the organisers of 5GForum 2020 will announce the participation of the multinationals, companies and universities that have already confirmed their support as sponsors in this pioneering event which, in the face of the unstoppable number of fairs and conventions that have already been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, is holding its annual meeting, this time virtually.

Medina Media Events, organizer of 5GForum, reconfirmed past Monday the celebration of the third edition of the event that gathers in its agenda the main experts in Spain of this New Technology, called to change the working activity in many sectors of the digital economy of the 21st century.

“The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and of many other world mega-fairs, has prevented a meeting place where all the agents of development in the 5G world can share their experiences, proposals, ideas and advances. And 5GForum 2020 will be”said Ricardo Medina, CEO of Medina Media Events.

Medina Media Events, and several collaborating companies, is selecting the technological solution with which it will work in the third edition of 5GForum.

The official agenda of 5GForum 2020 will offer more than 20 keynotes and several “round tables”, and will also organize “virtual meeting rooms” so that registered people can have 15 minutes meetings with “speakers” or other “attendees” with whom they want to establish contact and propose business opportunities.