The 5G Forum, the main meeting on 5G technology that is being held in Spain on May 6th and 7th in a completely virtual way, opens its platform today, where the registered participants can request from this moment video meetings with all the speakers and attendees, the days before, during and after the event, with the aim of Virtual 5G Forum serving as a permanent and exclusive platform on 5G technology.

As of today, each one of those registered for the Virtual 5G Forum 2020 has their own profile, from which they can configure their agenda availability to receive and send requests for video meetings with speakers and other participants the days before, during and after the event.

In addition, registered participants also have access to the keynotes of the two previous editions of the 5G Forum and, as the keynotes of this new edition are broadcast, they will be able to see them again as soon as they have been broadcast live and also consult the keynotes shared by the speakers.

The platform of the Virtual 5G Forum, organized by Medina Media Events, has a demo area open to the general public, free of charge, for those who want to see the demos that will be available from the participating companies, including premieres such as the use case of Vodafone’s 5G MUSEUM: the game OPEN THE MUSEUM, which is being developed from the Digital Content Pole of Malaga. This is a team game that allows you to get to know a Museum, in this case the Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum, in a different way. The players will travel through different virtual spaces in which they will have to learn to cooperate to achieve the final goal.

On the other hand, the British multinational Vodafone, will also present, in collaboration with the University of Malaga (UMA), a demo that aims to show the importance of the network in the quality of experience perceived by users of multimedia services most used in these times (video streaming, video games, virtual or augmented reality …). To do this, it will use the CrowdCell technology presented by Vodafone, which will allow to see the experience perceived by a user connected to the mobile network under different circumstances.


On the other hand, the German multinational Rohde & Schwarz will offer an exclusive webinar entitled “5G network simulation for carrying out measurements on mobile devices”.

The new 5G mobile communications standard has been designed as an evolution of the current LTE, allowing a gradual transition from one to the other and enabling the coexistence of both systems. 5GNR adds a multitude of new mechanisms to increase the efficiency of spectrum use and dramatically increase data transmission capacity, reducing communications latency to a minimum.

These new features open up a range of new uses previously reserved for wired networks. Laboratory testing of 5G terminals must take into account all these new aspects. Rohde & Schwarz CMX500 makes it possible to carry out these tests simply, flexibly and reliably.

The presentation will explain the main features of the new 5GNR standard and show how to carry out measurements on a mobile terminal that is compatible with it.

The Chinese multinational Huawei will offer a demo on the development of global 5G in terms of network, deployment, ecology and unimaginable user experience. Whether for individuals, families or corporations, 5G will be invaluable in advance.

5GENESIS will be exhibiting the video “5G experimentation platforms”, which presents the experimentation platforms designed and developed as part of the 5GENESIS project.

The Greek multinational Intracom Telecom will also present its Wi-Fi Roaming project: SDN Megared platform, in which they bring connectivity to rural areas and, mainly, to young people, working together with local operators.

For its part, the Finnish multinational Nokia will present four demonstrations among which are projects such as CELTIC 5G-PERFECTA, CELTIC UNICRINF, H2020 5G-MOBIX and H2020 5G-EVE, which address issues such as the real behavior of the network and 5G services, appropriate protocols for emergencies and remote driving, among others.

Axión will also show visitors to the virtual “demo rooms” an explanatory video on coverage systems in areas with high user density.

All the demos and webinars can be enjoyed by accessing the Virtual 5G Forum platform ( free of charge or through the official event website

Virtual 5G Forum 2020, organised by Medina Media Events, is the main event about 5G technology that is held annually in Spain and it will present the latest advances from professionals and big companies such as Samsung, Vodafone Business, Cisco, 5Genesis, Intracom Telecom, Rohde & Schwarz, Huawei, Hispasat, Impulsa Visión RTVE, Nokia, Axión and the Observatorio Nacional 5G, an initiative promoted by Mobile World Capital, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and Red. es, all of them sponsors of the virtual meeting.