The 5GForum, which will be completely virtual and maintains its call for the 6th and 7th of May, continues to confirm the speakers that will make up the agenda of the main meeting on 5G technology that is being held in Spain: the Finnish multinational Nokia, one of the great world references in 5G, will also be present.

Álvaro Villegas, Director of Nokia Bell Labs Spain, will be in charge of representing Nokia in the Virtual 5GForum once again.

The use of video calls has become essential during the last months to connect with others. Nokia will focus on presenting use cases that go one step beyond the communication experience that users have so far thanks to the use of 5G technology.

“Telecoms have never been more relevant to our lives than in recent months. Keeping in touch with our loved ones and also with our friends has become paramount to keeping our daily routine as normal as possible at a distance, and technology is proving to be up to the task”, says Villegas.

In its keynote, Nokia will explain how we can go beyond the latest generation models thanks to 5G technology.

Álvaro Villegas will present different cases of 5G use derived from the European projects H2020 in progress (5G-MOBIX and 5G-EVE) and from the national projects of the CDTI (UNICRINF and 5G-PERFECTA), in which they take advantage of the latest generation 5G technology to effectively break the distance barrier for human communication.

These use cases consist of an “immersive telepresence” project, where a user, through virtual reality glasses, can immerse himself remotely in a meeting, presentation, class or visit to an enclosure and talk to the participants; and a remote driving use case, which allows maneuvering a vehicle remotely using immersive technology, combining a virtual cabin with physical controls and remote presence.

As Medina Media Events, organizer of Virtual 5GForum, is moving forward, the official agenda of 5GForum 2020 will offer more than 20 keynotes and several “panel sessions”, among them Nokia, and will also organize “virtual meeting rooms” for the registered participants to meet the “speakers” or other attendees with whom they want to establish contact and propose business opportunities.