The practical uses of Mixed Reality in Medicine, and more specifically in Surgery, are key issues at the Observatory of New Technologies, on 18 and 19 July at the Polo de Contenidos Digitales.

SNGULAR, a Spanish multinational with a presence in Mexico and the United States, will present the innovative project developed in conjunction with the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville, whichwill facilitate the work of surgeons during an operation using an ALL-IN-ONE system combined with Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality glasses.

Fernando Sierra, DKC Director and Virtual Reality specialist at SNGULAR, and the head of Cardiac Surgery at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville, José Miguel Borrego, will share with the attendees how this tool comes to solve the decofusing that occurs in the surgeon when having to review and memorize Diagnostic Images before an operation and visualize several monitors with information during the surgical procedure.

At the Observatory they will reveal how this system will make all this visual information available in the field of vision of the specialist in the place of their choice. Attendees will be able to see how using voice commands or gestures the surgeon can access essential information and view multiple monitors of the devices in the operating room.

Another advantage that SNGULAR will demonstrate over its successful project is the possibility of video recording in first person (from the surgeon’s point of view) with all the information layer by layer using holograms. This will enable the generation and retrieval of content with a high educational value, since future surgeons will observe the operation from a real vision angle.

Finally, SNGULAR will also share at the Observatory how the possibility of broadcasting live operationswill enable the creation of a virtual Anatomical Theatre where other doctors can share opinions and information without being present in the room.