NOKIA will present the results of the project “Immersive video in educational environments” for the first time at the VR Observatory. A study developed together with the Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX) and Banco Santander in which almost 100 students in their final year of Veterinary Science Degree, who are doing internships at the UAX Clinical Veterinary Hospital, have actively participated in the study.

Thanks to this project, future veterinarians have been able to experience a surgery lesson without being present in the classroom, using 360º Virtual Reality headsets and headphones. Also, through360 video students followed the evolution, guided by a teacher, of the healing and bandaging process of a horse that they had seen weeks before in the classroom of Surgical Pathology and Surgery Specialty.

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how immersive technologies have practical applications in education, encouraging Collaborative Learning, the acquisition of manual skills in tasks that require it (such as surgery) and the opportunity to carry out experiments and activities that can only take place in a simulation environment.

The VR Observatory will present the results of this project and of the qualitative research carried out among the student and teacher community, which have shown high levels of satisfaction with the perceived improvement in the teaching-learning process.

With this and other demonstrations that we will be able to see, the VR Observatory consolidates its position as the most important multidisciplinary event in Spain to offer an overview of the use cases of these new technologies in very diverse areas, such as the entertainment industry, health, culture, tourism… and, at the same time, demonstrate its commitment to the research work of universitiessuch as the UAX, the University of Cambridge (see the news from Cambridge University here) or the University of Malaga (UMA) that will participate again showing us the results of its innovative projects.